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Minimalist Wall Clock Modern Wall Clock Silent Unique Wood 24 inch




*The Rustic Unique Minimalist Wall Clock is suitable for use at home, in the office and in all private indoor spaces and is completely handmade.

*With its modern design, it is a beautiful birthday gift, father’s day gift, mother’s day gift and one of the most beautiful gifts for all special occasions.

*There is a hanger on the back surface and it is easy to carry no matter how heavy it is.

*It has a modern and rustic design, which is formed by the combination of wood and iron.

*Clock hands are metal and the highest quality hands on the market. The clock mechanism is powered by one AA battery and is completely silent.

*While sending the watch, I am also sending 1 set of clock mechanism and clock hands as spares.

*Tiktak does not make any noise, it works completely silently and fluently.

*The wall clock will be packed ready to use.


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